Thursday, April 6, 2017


     I love this book because it has a lot of story and action when you least expect it. Someone else should read it because it gives throws the person into a fantasy world, with wizards, magic, and dragons. It would make it better if it had pictures to describe the scene. What I would of done to fight off the dementors would to use the "Expecto, Patronum!" on the dementors to chase them away with light.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Little Disaster

     An important part of this book (or chapter) was when the dementors attacked not Harry, but Dudley. This is important because if Dudley's parents find out what happened to Dudley, Harry is in a world of trouble. It's cool because normally when Dudley's parents get frustrated, Harry uses a magic spell on them to do something hilarious. The point is to warn you that Harry might get in huge trouble if Dudley's parents find out about this situation, he might even be able to get expelled from Hogwarts.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Giver Movie v Book - Samuel Sunata

    In general, books are better than the movies because they contain the original depiction of the story. But, in this case, the movie strikes one harder than the book. Therefore, the movie is better than the book because it gives more of a feel for the story, it is more detailed, it explains more of the story in more of a way a person can get it, and unlike the book, the movie version is something you and your family or friends could all join together to watch at the movie theaters, or at home.
    One reason the movie is better than the book is because the movie has more dramatic effects that strikes a human emotionally, such as music and images. The dramatic effects give you examples of what it’s like to be in Jonas’s world. An example of this is when Jonas manages to trudge through “elsewhere” and get past the border of memory, and transmit all of the memories Jonas has received to the people of the community.
    Another reason the movie is better than the book is because it is more detailed. In the book you read it and use your imagination to picture the story. But in the movie, it shows you everything that happens in the movie, the characters, the setting, and so much more. Therefore, you won’t have trouble imagining the images. For example, the shape of the community land, the bicycles, the buildings, and all the setting, is drawn out for you. Same with Jonas’s memories he receives, they give you a picture of what Jonas is seeing and experiencing, with it’s horror or joy.
    Also, the movie is better than the book is because it explains the story in more of way that a person can understand. Sometimes, when one reads a book, one has trouble understanding what the author is attempting to convey. It can also be difficult to remember what is happening in the book. The reader needs to flip back to different pages to read the parts that one forgot and/or the parts that you don’t or can’t understand thoroughly. But the movie explains it to you by adding all these details such as sound effects, music, and special effects, which makes you remember it easier. For example, when Jonas and Fiona are trying to grab Gabriel and escape the community, there were flashing lights and deep music that symbolizes that something bad is going to happen.
    The last reason the movie is better than the book is because unlike the book, an entire group or family can all enjoy together at the movie theaters or at home, instead of reading the book by yourself in a room. For example, if you were to read the book on your own, it wouldn’t be as fun to see only your reaction and/or opinion about the story. It’s fun to see everyone’s reaction or hear their opinion about the story.
In conclusion, the movie is better than the book because the movie shares emotions with the viewer using images, music, and special effects. Also, the movie is more detailed than the book, the movie explains the story better than the book, and it has greater appeal than the book. The movie version is something you can experience with your whole family at movie theaters or at home, instead of reading the book by yourself.

Back At It Again

     I think Harry Potter, while he's going on a walk, will try to get on his broom and escape to Hogwarts. The reason why I think this is because he foreshadows that he's thinking of a plan to "glue himself to his broom" and escape to Hogwarts. What should happen next is Harry get's a letter from Dumbledore telling him that he has to come to Hogwarts to be protected because Voldemort is loose. My new ending (or future part of the book) is Harry does get a letter from the Ministry of Magic saying he needs to be protected from Voldemort, therefore, he must come to Hogwarts for protection (end of chapter 1).

Monday, April 3, 2017

Trouble In Turkrist Town

     I love this book because is touches you in the way that makes you want to cry. Someone else should read it because it tells them about people who are less fortunate than others. It would make it better if the beginning of the story was more descriptive and gave you more details on what the story s about and how it happened. What I would've done in the same situations is when Necati was dying, he was in pain, but he knew he was gonna die. Therefore I think that I would've given them no information about my religion and died instead of hanging in there.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Back In the Country

    My grandma, Linda, was making dinner like she always was. She always wanted something to do. I was finishing my homework when I remembered, “Shoot! My Interview!” I thought to myself. I asked my grandma, “Hey grandma, I’m reading a book called Maus. It’s about a boy interviewing his father about World War Two. Of course, i'm not going t ask you about that.”
She laughed, “Good cause I wasn't alive then.” She responded.
    I laughed also, so I continued, “So I was wondering if I could interview you as well, for my homework.” She had a happy grin on her face as soon as the words flew out of my mouth into her ears.
    “Sure honey,” she said enthusiastically, “just let me finish up dinner then we can start.” I nodded and we walked back to doing our things.
    After she finished dinner, I followed her into her room, every time we stepped on the hardwood floor it would make a cracking sound. My grandma moved into our house after my papa died. So we decided to turn our playroom into our Grandma’s room. Her room felt so nice to me.
    She said to me, “You can sit down wherever.”
    I looked at the office chair, “Is it ok I sit on the spinny chair?” I said hoping I could,
    “Sure honey.” I leaped with joy as I sat down in the office chair, spinning on it a couple times. “Remember when me and my sisters used to spin in this chair almost everyday when we were at your house?” She nodded and smiled.
    Grandma had nice blond hair that went down past her shoulders. She was short, about the size of my mom, five foot four. She wasn't wrinkly like your average, stereotypical old person. She had a nice smooth face that always had a smile laid on top of it.
     So then I started asking her my questions that I wrote down for her, my first one was, “What was it like when you were my age?” I said. She looked up at the ceiling, like she was leaving the world we’re in, and entering a different dimension, back when she was twelve.
    She responded saying she lived in Iowa, one of her fondest memories was playing out on the streets with her friends until dark, or until her parents called her in for dinner. She was in sixth grade when she was my age, surprisingly to me, it was the only year she got straight A’s. “I don’t think i’ve ever gotten straight A’s, even in kindergarten.” I said to her. She laughed like it was the funniest thing she heard all day.
    When she was my age she also was the teacher helper, which I didn’t know they had back then. What she would do as a teacher helper she would help students study for tests or quizzes. Also astonishing to me, there was no cafeteria in her school, therefore, there would be another bus to pick the kids up at lunch, and the bus would take them to a different school to eat at their cafeteria.
    After she couldn’t think of any other responses to my previous question, there was a silence, so I moved on to my next question, “What did you do on a daily basis?” I asked. The response to this question surprised me greatly as my grandma sounded sad when she said, “Now I want you to write this down, this is important. My mother and father were never home when I woke up. They were out working.”
    I felt very sad about hearing that, thinking about how my life would’ve been without seeing my parents in the morning. I would be very sad. But she went on with her answer.
    She would wake up in the morning to an alarm clock, but always before she got ready for school, she would watch the “Bill O'Reilly Show” and “Captain Kangaroo”. Then after she got ready for school, she would walk. She said she was only so far away from the school, so she would walk two blocks. But she still preferred back in the farm rather than the city she move into in Iowa.
    “I would write for hours! Short stories and comics!” She said, like it was one of her fondest memories.
    She would also collect badges that her dad gave her from world war two.
    “Really?” I said with amazement. “Do you still have any?”
   “No,” she said, “I couldn’t find any. I think I might’ve lost them.” Grandma said, looking around her room. “Well, that’s all I can remember. Any more questions?”
    I looked down at my paper full of questions, but I couldn’t find any more. “No,” I said, scratching my head, “that’s it.”
    “Ok, I love you honey.” said grandma.
    “I love you to.” I replied.
    She walked away to go set up the table for dinner, I learned a lot from this. School’s didn't have cafeteria’s, her dad was in the military for World War ii, and her mom and dad weren’t there in the morning to say goodbye to her, that’s a lot different than my life. My life is the complete opposite.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

On Your Way

It is extremely hard to become a pediatrician or any doctor at that. 4 years of college then 4 years of medical school?! Science and math are your most important classes. Biology, chemistry, algebra, geometry, and calculus. You also have to learn other languages to speak with families that don't speak English (such as Spanish).  You must try your hardest to get into the best science and math classes you can (such as the advanced ones). In college, you must take 12 courses of math and science related courses such as, basic biology,  genetics, microbiology,  molecular biology, basic chemistry, organic chemistry, basic physics, and calculus. It is also recommended to do some volunteer work with such as homeless shelters or hospitals, it helps you get into medical school. And finally, medical school. Medical school is the same way as college, but with some different classes. Then, once done with medical school, you're off to being a pediatrician (or some other doctor you've always wanted to be)!